828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC
 828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC

The man, the myth, the legend...the guy that started it all! We are so thankful and thrilled to have Dad with us every day. Barry Horton will go down in history as the most brilliant man I've ever known. We are privileged to get to work around him and learn from him every day. There is no mechanical thing on this planet that he can't fix and he has the ability to look at something and figure out how it works, which is a rarity today. He loves to tinker with old hot rods and custom cars. He has built his own clientele over the years that know he can fix or fabricate anything. When he's not at the shop, you can usually find him on a golf course somewhere taking the governors off golf carts and improving his golf game. Barry (dad) and Suzanne (mom), live in Crab Creek, or Florida depending on which week it is!

Dennis  828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC

Dennis began his auto repair career at the age of 10 tripping under his father’s feet in his repair shop, Horton Auto, located in Crab Creek. Dennis started running the auto repair shop there at the age of 16 and opened his own shop on Spartanburg Highway in 2006. The opportunity came for this new facility in November, 2011 and the rest is history. Dennis is a specialized technician in the field of wiring and electronic troubleshooting. He also serves as the Contemporary Worship Pastor at Mud Creek Church for the SYNC service. He also shoots shotguns professionally in the NSCA and PSCA circuit. Dennis and his wife Brandy live in the Clear Creek area and have one son, Devin.

 828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC

Jesse is Dennis' younger brother and has been with North Main Automotive since day one. Jesse manages the shop and sees that all the repairs are done correctly and on time. Like Dennis, Jesse grew up around cars and the repair industry. Jesse is a very skilled technician with emphasis on troubleshooting drivability concerns. He is also a very talented motorcycle road racer in the semi-pro WERA racing class. Jesse is the 2012 and 2013 E-Super Stock Champion and is also knowledgeable in motorcycle repair, which is something we also offer at the shop on a case by case basis. Jesse and his wife Mandy live in Edneyville.

 828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC

Chris has been in the auto industry in Henderson county for over 20 years. Chris began his career in the auto parts end of the auto repair business. Chris currently runs the office/scheduling side of the business and deals with day to day operation. Chris pulls from his many years in the parts fulfillment side to keep things running smoothly and making sure the guys always have what they need when they need it. Chris is very knowledgeable in tires and obviously auto parts and we are grateful to have him with us. Chris is married to Holly, has two sons Clay and Tyler and they reside in Tuxedo.

 828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC

Troy does all the alignments and front end work for us and is one of the best around.

 828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC

Jim has been in the auto repair industry for several years and has specialized most of his career on motorcycle and small engine repair. Jim is a very meticulous technician and takes him time to do every job perfect. Jim’s specialty is intense engine repair including, head gaskets, engine replacement, engine overhauls, diagnostics and wiring. Jim does a lot of motorcycle repair here at the shop in addition to everyday vehicle repairs. Jim lives in Hendersonville in Valley Hill.

 828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC

John is our diesel tech and mainly works on diesel problems or drivability concerns. John has over 11 years of experience as a technician and he's not afraid of a challenge. He will dive into any job, big or small and has an excellent track record for repairing the problem the first time. He is a all around great guy to know and he's one of those guys that every shop needs as a great technician. John also is an avid drummer and plays for local bands around Western North Carolina. John lives in Hendersonville.

 828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC

Jonathan is probably one of the most soft spoken people we've ever had, but also one of the best secret weapons we've ever had. Jonathan keeps his head down all day and just fixes cars. He rarely has much to say and you have to pry information out of him, but he simply gets it done on time every time. John also has a newly found skill of making great Cornhole bags! John and his wife Valerie live within sight of the shop and have 2 children, Gabrielle and Elaina.

 828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC

Danny is no stranger to auto repair to many people in Henderson county as he's been at it for many, many, many, many years! Just kidding Danny! Danny does over 50 oil changes every week as well as mounting tires and helping keep the shop presentable.  Danny is a huge asset to us here and we are so proud to have him with us.

Also, Danny lives in Hendersonville and loves to dance.

 828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC

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 828.696.1480  1515 North Main St. Hendersonville, NC